About The Film | Resonance Movie

No one sleeps. No one dreams. For for past 40 years this has been the norm and no one has really questioned it. RESONANCE follows Aleena Ambrose (played by Briana Rayner) as she discovers a darker motivation behind the world of “Luxury Artificial Sleep Centres” and becomes the focus of her own nightmare.

The short film is a Science Fiction story in the classic sense that supposes an idea and asks a question. What if our technology prevented us from sleeping? If it did, how would you know you were dreaming?

Briana Rayner delivers a fantastic performance as a woman trying to understand how her world is changing, what is real and what to do with information that could change it all.
A striking visual style, fantastic musical score and excellent visual effects create a strong sense of place and unique world that’s both familiar and unsettlingly strange.